I find art as a tool to become more receptive and open to everything that is happening around, to understand people and social structures, select and share information. It is not only a mean for personal growth, but also a way to expand the collective vision, take part in the development of culture, and record the time in history.

Art has been accompanying me throughout different stages of life, in various shapes and purposes. At this moment I am trying to dedicate more time and attention to it, to explore the self, the surroundings and to move from there towards the topics I find relevant in this world of information and rapid changes, to contribute to the development of culture.

As I move from learning, into creating function, exploring aesthetics, abstracting the thoughts, and then infusing my creations with information I consider to be relevant, more and more I am able to direct my artistic and cultural practices in the direction that allows me to come closer to the topics of sustainable culture, society, communication, mind, creativity, intersubjectivity and interconnectedness. 

In more concrete terms, I would call myself an artist, designer and a cultural manager. I am a co-founder of “Ideas Block” creative space in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a non-profit cultural organisation and a platform for creation and development of ideas. Supporting a variety of cultural expressions, through art exhibitions and residencies, music, talks, workshops, films, publications and meaningful handmade material objects. Alongside running this project together with my husband, I am working on visual and interdisciplinary art projects and make handmade products. My personal creative practice is informed and inspired by the activities and community of Ideas Block.

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