Mind Garden is an exploration of the World through the abstraction of sensory data into the creation of an experiential interdisciplinary sensory field.

Patterns of thoughts seek harmony and find their place in the universal structures, in nature. Bursts of inspiration, visions created by emotions, sounds, patterns of behaviour in humans and nature, create intuitive abstractions, intimate inner energy telling the story of the Mind.

Thoughts that grow in the inner garden, also grow outside of it. Decluttering material and immaterial layers, letting go of the possessions and needs, and the mind garden starts growing, connecting with other gardens to continue the cycle of renewal.

Mind Garden invites to notice the details, explore the inner worlds that often stay unattended, while we only look at them from afar, as if through the windows, affected by cultural, political, social or geographical factors. While we wander without a goal, compete, make wars, consume, waste and follow the alleged leaders, we forget to stop. To stop and look at everything from a different perspective, to find connections between the inner and outer Universe

Mind Garden sounds: https://soundcloud.com/ideacycle/mindgarden

Mind Garden is a collection of watercolour paintings and collages, accompanied by short texts and a soundscape made up of my sound recordings of moon drum and kalimba experiments. The recordings were post produced by Roberto Beccera. Mind Garden was exhibited at The Room gallery in Vilnius, 2019, June 12 – on my 30th birthday.

Photographs from the exhibition can be seen on my Facebook page.

Mind Garden artwork
Watercolour on paper, 104 x 42 cm, 2019

Exploring the self, 
exploring the others, 
finding a connection point 
where each of us fit 
into the universal structure. 
Once the place is found 
the Mind Garden starts growing.
Synaptic Connection point artwork
Watercolour on paper, 103 x 51 cm, 2019

It is where the magic happens. 
Where the senses connect with memories, 
inner and outer information. 
Where life happens
Facilitator of Energy artwork
Watercolour on paper, 2019

Overlaid structures find ways to connect 
through the energy points – 
blocks of ideas. 
These points have many faces – 
subtle vibrations of thoughts, 
or direct agents 
functioning as connectors of these points in the society.


When the melody and rhythm meets, The dual mind finds balance. Finds a path in a forest. Walking inside through time and space. Following the abstract ways that form visions. Visions of colours and shapes.

watercolour painting
Watercolour on paper, collage, 45 x 97 cm, 2019

Running to be mindful. 
Running to be slow. 
Feminine energy moves with less inertia. 
Graceful and detailed. 
Analysing the plants. 
Finding the hidden paths. 
Creating structures in chaos.
Dual Mind Rituals. Masculine Energy
Watercolour on paper, collage, 45 x 97 cm, 2019

Running carefree is what I see. 
Focused, moving towards a goal. 
Skipping details, 
moving with lots of inertia. 
Towards the future.
Compilation of memories artwork
Watercolour on paper, 107 x 42 cm, 2019

One memory intertwines with another. 
Personal memories turn into cultural memories, 
into universal memories, 
into structures 
that shape the behaviour of the societies.
A Day out of Time artwork
Watercolour on paper, 100 x 47 cm, 2019

When time is no longer important. 
It is just an in-between state 
before a new cycle begins.
Time, like water, 
brings life to the mind. 
Its fluidity doesn’t allow clarity, 
it allows creation. 
I am here to create.
Rhythms of ideas artwork
Watercolour on paper, collage, embroidery, 161 x 45 cm, 2019

Art opens new. 
New flow, 
new understanding 
of the universal structures. 
New rhythms of ideas.
Rhythms of ideas - DIY window frame

Streams of Sensory Data artwork
Watercolour and embroidery on paper, 100 x 49 cm, 2019

Random signals of information, 
streams of sensory data 
coming in from the outside World 
shape our brain patterns. 
This complex information creates energies 
performing in a concert, 
our mind gardens.
Urban Herbal Flow artwork
Watercolour on paper, 161 x 45 cm, collage, 2019

Nature surrounds us…
in and outside. 
We are a small fraction of the structure, 
wrapped up with herbs. 
We are a part of a large layered complex system. 
Just a small part. 
Spreading the roots downwards 
and branches upwards.
Urban herbal flow - window frame

Rooted Ideas artwork
Watercolour and white ink on paper, 68 x 42 cm, 2019

Once rooted well, 
the ideas start growing, 
just like plants, 
getting out through the smallest cracks, 
getting out into the sunlight, 
to receive energy.
Language of Communication art
Watercolour on paper, 50 x 70 cm, 2019

Artist and researcher Marija Griniuk wrote this very nice review for my Mind Garden exhibition:

“Be it in at the artist-run space which brings similar ideas together or in the studio – the numerous sources of inspiration gained through discussions, interactions or meetings generate the new ideas which are being expressed in the ongoing artistic practice. This exhibition is theoretically bound around the metaphoric garden where ideas are being born and raised before they get anchored into any material shape. This space brings together different ways of artistic expression — from the aquarelle paintings to experimental sounds. The exhibition is built from the materials, the (hi)stories, the patterns of relations between humans and humans, humans and objects and humans and nature which generate new ways of thinking and gives space for new ideas to be born.

There is a passion for patterns, structures and textures in the works of Liucija Dervinytė. In her works she insists on the value of a thoughtful and responsible attitude to ecology and natural surroundings. Her fascination is in the structures that are created by nature and humans, be it fragments of patterns or fragments of an architectural layout. In her works there is a careful selection of gamut or sometimes monochrome colours, taking on the very qualities of the cinematic stills, picturing the moments of the cityscape where the ideas inhabit and create the metaphoric green areas. Easily recognized, Dervinytė’s objects—aquarelle paintings, handmade notebooks, sound recordings and texts — outline a longing for the shady garden of dreams within the cityscape in which the human navigation takes place. This very garden is a metaphoric space where the ideas are born. This is an arena for going deeper into recognition of what appears in the moment of spectating Dervinytė’s works and reflecting on what goes beyond all immediate reality. Dervinytė’s exhibition space unleashes a play of appearances of images and sounds. These elements carry the imagination further. In the particularity of these images, sounds and texts, and in Dervinytė’s insistence on the familiarity of the patterns, the works are catalysts for a choreography of the visitors. The visitors move in between the recognisable close-ups, patterns, textures, sounds, texts and their extracts, which she organised in the exhibition space. These elements connect as well to the ongoing travel of the artist, which is a significant part of the source of inspiration for Dervinytė. When the artist reflects on the ideas, she reflects as well on their independence from any particular place or territory, hence the exhibition description where she states the growth of ideas inside as well as outside of the metaphoric garden. This metaphoric garden is the threshold between the artist’s inner world and the outer surroundings.”

Exhibition text written by Marija Griniuk in Lithuanian can be found here.

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