Multimedia art installation at the Beepositive International Light Festival in Pilaite, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2016. In collaboration with Roberto Becerra.

Neurogenesis – the birth of neurons. An interdisciplinary textiles and light installation inviting to explore and reflect on the rapidly developing Artificial Intelligence industry. An industry that successfully uses nature’s structures in order to become an independent organism, leading its own life, surpassing the skills and intelligence of humanity, reaching the technology singularity.

This illuminated 3D textiles composition represents the current perception and understanding of the human brain structure, illustrating the flow of electrical impulses, becoming an independently functioning entity.

Attention is put in the metaphors of the patterns and shapes of neurons and its similarity with other structures in nature, such as trees. The installation/sculpture seems to stem from the trees and branches on top of which it is mounted.

The installation picks up the ambient sound with a microphone, processing it and changing the pattern of behaviour of the firing neurons, using LEDs.

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