I have been slightly obsessed with notebooks for many years now. First they were simply a tool for drawing, later they started becoming more and more special to me – they would store all my research information, project ideas, photographs, patterns, texts, impressions of moments. I started customising my notebooks and then – making them. Now it has been over 10 years since I started doing that.

In this fast changing world notebooks have lots of replacements, this might also be the time when they might have lost their value amongst a million other notebooks. But this is also the time when we use them for those special occasions, as power objects for our intuitive expressions. And we tend to give meaning to the things we like.

I make these notebooks for those who also find them as Power objects, where you create stories, express ideas, share impressions or just do whatever you wish to do with them. I make each of my notebooks unique by picking words and images from old magazines, combining everything onto a recycled or watercolour paper with stitches of my sewing machine. Most of them have blank pages – to give freedom with no restrictions of lines or squares.

They can be purchased in Ideacycle online shop.

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