“First Aid Kit for the Future” is a series of abstract organic watercolours with fragments of collage inviting to see the beauty of nature and reconnect to find balance for a more sustainable future. Densely patterned paintings hold fragments of images and sometimes words that form visions of surreal worlds, leaving a lot of space for everyone to make connections and create their own landscape within the given framework.

breathing earth watercolour collage
Watercolour collage, 78 x 107 cm, 2021

Listen to the breathing Earth, sprouting with enormous energy. The powers that we, humans, often seek to control, without realising that we are just part of a fragile cycle of life and death on Earth. We are tiny pieces in this big picture, floating in the powerful ocean that we need to learn to surf. In order to do so we need to let go of the need to control and let our intuition inform our actions.

Glitch in vision watercolour collage
Watercolour collage, 78 x 107 cm, 2020

Sometimes a glitch in our vision doesn’t allow us to perceive the beauty around us, to see that we are interconnected, inseparable part of Nature. And what we create is natural, simply because we are Nature. So let’s be those creators of beauty around us!

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