Together with Roberto Becerra we were invited to take part in the Solstice celebration (2018) and an opening of an abandoned ammunition depot in Kaunas, brought back to life to function as a community and culture spot. For this occasion we chose to think about the meaning of rituals and what a shaman might represent in current times.

We made a collaborative performance, where Roberto was performing his sound art piece and I invited visitors to join me in a performative drawing act, while in the background there was a video art piece playing, which I created for this occasion, to induce a dreamlike state of mind, a trip into a shamanic ritual, exploring the structures of nature and reemerging patterns of connectivity.

Euphemisms of the intensions of the social gathering of the Solstice. Modern parties deliberately abstract today’s information. Through action, communication and the arts. Through sounds, lights, and colours, today’s shaman can ritualise the moment and consciously engage in the transmission of energy and information through emotions.

Here you can see a few images from the video of Tacit Ritual.

And the most recent addition to this project is a collaborative live online performance during Covid-19 lockdown, where I was controlling the video streaming, combining live footage of the musicians and my video piece.

Spontaneous collaboration between Mantautas Krukauskas (LMTA, MiSC) and Roberto Becerra (LMTA & IdeasBlock). The artists attempt to build a soundscape that draws from the current, hard to ignore topics. Glitchy, electronic narration that puts the technology to the test: Mantautas and Roberto play live remotely using the limitations and characteristics of the network system into the soundscape composition and aesthetic.

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