Multimedia art installation and performance for the Supermarket Art Fair 2019, Stockholm, Sweden. A stand representing Ideas Block creative space: sculpture by Roberto Becerra, sound – a podcast with Ideas Block community members based on the theme of Supermarket 2019 – “Temporary Moratorium“, watercolour drawing performance by me.

Thought Crystal

Conjuring data, information, and thoughts. Realities. Condensing them into a moment. This information comes to life in a particular physical space, where the summoning mind is.

Dense networks of information actually come to form physical elements in the space, as per the representation that they cause in the mental forms of the thinker, and those perceiving the thought. If the information reflects the formal reality (and even if it doesn’t), these ideas end up representing real and large amounts of data that are processed according to the temporality of the people involved: there is more historical information of events now than in previous epochs.

Real interaction of the patterns that this information represents happens at the time of its conception. Again, a physical arrangement occurs, in presumably natural patterns in which matter fits together: crystals.

A manifold structure that the thinker synthesizes in several dimensions, drawing knowledge from the outer and inner world, as well as from the interlocutor’s own knowledge. Giving way to novel prisms of though, exchanged, and shared.

The rendering of ideas requires the fertile ground of opportunity, wealth of information and space to create: freedom. The frailty of the ideas is apparent the ephemeral manifestation of the crystal, hardly perceivable, but real indeed.

Volatility, the state of flow and the layered nature of the mind morphs from the colorful abstractions into tightly condensed, highly ordered microscopic lattice of ideas.

All this is not possible without the space for thought that we leave within institutions and culture itself for the unfolding of novelty. Beyond the controversy, a moratory, a freedom bubble, can yield novel construction.

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