Turning plastic waste into new materials, into new stories.

In this fast world notebooks have lots of replacements, this might also be the time when they might have lost their value amongst a million other notebooks. But this is also the time when we use them for those special occasions, as power objects for our intuitive expressions. And we tend to give meaning to the things we like.

Recycled plastic cover notebooks – a collaboration between Ideacycle and Replastico2.

Recycled plastic bags become sturdy and long lasting notebook covers, after adding recycled pages and stitching everything together – we get unique notebooks.
 Notebook covers are different and unique every time.

In collaboration with Replastico2 – Social Fashion Remade With Love – a project that challenges the concept of consumption, trash and trash art, design and beauty, inviting to recycle plastic waste in creative ways, while giving them a second life and social value.

Buy these notebooks on Ideacycle online shop.

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