This art installtaion was created for EMEM Art Fest, a one day multidisciplinary art festival and a month long exhibition we organised as Ideas Block at Trakų Vokė Manor, Vilnius, 2019.

The EMEM Fest idea is based on the impossible objectivity of manor‘s history, on the subjective memories and the surreal moment which is created by combining contemporary creations with the historical site full of memories of the past events.

In this one day festival the manor was filled with interdisciplinary art installations, paintings and sculptures, art performances, poetry readings, all day music performances and a final concert with laser show. For this occasion we received a variety of local and international artists.

Piece: Fragmented Memories
Site specific interactive visual art installation and performance

Questioning a memory, what is it made of. How many small details, other parallel realities, memories, energy vibrations was it affected by. Fragments of visual and verbal ideas are collaged together to create a particular memory of this moment in this time and space.

While the observers experience the creation of memories being executed by the artist, they can as well get closer to directing these memories, affecting new ones, by creating small collages on the prepared sheets of paper and attaching them to the wall.

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